What To Expect


Kinetic Companies’ success is based on four key components:

  1. Responsive:  We are a streamlined organization providing investors direct access to the principals.
  2. Responsible:  We adhere to a strict moral and ethical code; always putting the interests of our investors before our own.
  3. Relationships:  Our longstanding market presence and reputation provides broad market exposure, effective deal procurement and process execution.
  4. Results:  We use innovative approaches and creative strategies to ensure our clients receive the service and performance they expect and deserve.

Investor Suitability
  Accredited high net worth investors only
>  Hedge / Fund managers 
>  Private equity funds

Targeted Assets & Markets
Kinetic targets high value added retail properties across stable growth markets in the Southwest U.S.  These quality assets are purchased at a significant discount providing an immediate equity upside at acquisition.

Investors Come Out Ahead
Kinetic Companies’ distribution structure puts the investor first. The investor receives a preferred distribution of cash flow.  In addition, the investor pays no investment management fees.  Investors have deed presence securitizing and collateralizing the investment capital. 


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